Do we teach how to feel one in our educational system?

photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor, Unsplash

We are living in challenging times with the polarization of our political systems and a pandemic that is keeping us all isolated in our own bubbles of reality. Our perspectives of the outside world are shaped by the information we choose to surround ourselves, which then informs how we relate to our shared experience of each other. …

If we want to change what we experience, we need to change how we feel about power.

Photo Clay Banks, Unsplash

We are in the midst of some of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Whether it’s a worldwide pandemic, the polarization of our political systems or the gross inequalities that are becoming more and more transparent in our world. All of which are difficult for us as adults to face and feel empowered to see a more harmonious version of the world that feels more balanced and humane to all life on this planet.

As we step into what is difficult to face the…

At the very root or fundamental level of our existence we have space, time and twenty-five elementary particles that we can prove exist that make up our Universe. Physicists attempt to theoretically explain how those twenty-five particles relate to each other in order to provide a working model that represents our experience of a dimensional particle reality or how reality works. How do you and I and all the space between us work so that the stars and galaxies can rotate with such precision, and we can each have our own separate experience of reality?

At the moment, there is…

Kristina de Corpo

I am a creative strategist interested in social change focusing on our perceptions of reality and how we experience it through our relationships.

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